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February 19, 2008

A Follow-Up on Locating Cyberfeminism Panel

From a discussion with Hyla Willis:

1. We focus on our individual projects' relation to the concepts of location. For example, SubRosa's Can U See Us Now, at www.canuseeusnow.refugia.net and International Markets of Flesh at www.cyberfeminism.net/projects/doc/imf.html.

2. One of the possible topics to discuss is the problems of activist or (tactical media) art in a museum or a gallery space, as Hyla mentions specifically in relation to the audience's expectations. An example for our further discussion would be "The Interventionists" exhibition that happened in Mass MoCa. One can read about it more at http://www.massmoca.org/press_releases/04_2004/04_05_04.html

3. Focus on two projects for SubRosa work and how they address technology, location and the body!